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otto and me

My older brother Rob, and I rockin the Big Wheels, and big hair.

My best friends doggie, Otto, and I. He is my doggie boyfriend. Brian doesn’t mind.

Check out your local CSA programs in your area too.  It helps out the local community you may not even know exists. GOOGLE IT!

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Cucumber Salad

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cucumber salad

The weather has been a bit strange all over the country this spring.  One day I am bbqing, the next I am making soup to help warm up my bones.  Today it was warm, sunny, and beautiful.  Perfect for a cool summer type salad.  And many times I look at …

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Whole Wheat, Onion, Garlic, Pepper Buns

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Onion and Pepper Hamburger Buns

I wanted to make yummy turkey burgers the other day, but had no buns.  I thought to myself, no way am I going to the store to buy buns for my amazing burgers, so I gave myself a pep talk, and made some buns.  I love …

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my story 2011

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Fabiola Donelly and Brian Ferdinand

Hi I am Fabiola, you can call me Fabi. I live in Washington with my boyfriend Brian and my kitties, Chula and Baby Girl.  We just left our wonderful, reluctant, supportive family and friends in California where we have lived most of our lives to follow our dreams of art, …

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